The Seralago Hotel & Suites is a family resort located in Kissimmee, Florida, U.S.A.


This resort is located within 3 miles or 4.8 kilometres of the Walt Disney World Resort and is near Old Town, which provides shopping and entertainment for the tourists. Each room features a refrigerator, a microwave oven unit, free television service with cable channels, and the ability to use high-speed Internet for free through their Wi-Fi service.

There are two Olympic-size swimming pools, free movies at their on-site movie theater, a shopping mall-style food court, and a dungeon-themed video arcade. Free shuttles are provided to and from the following theme parks: Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.


This hotel opened on March 1973 with a modest 228 rooms located on four detached buildings. For the first 32 years of its existence, this hotel was a franchise hotel of Holiday Inn.

One of the original owners of the hotel was Henri Landwirth, founder of the Give Kids The World Village, a nonprofit resort where terminally ill children would enjoy a week-long vacation with their families for no charge. Another owner of this hotel was legendary astronaut John Glenn, the first to circle the Earth as a part of the Project Mercury rocket program. He would go on to serve in the United States Senate and to return to an outer space mission at the age of 77. Massive expansions of the resort took place in 1975, 1979, and 1989 with the opening of 445 additional rooms. This hotel was the original pioneer to the concept of "kids' suites;" where the kids have their gaming consoles and their own private area for relaxation. Each kid suites can accommodate up to five people (two parents/adult guardians and three children). Child-friendly themes along with the latest mainstream video games (for the Microsoft Xbox) are implemented in every child-oriented area of the suite.

On January 1, 2005, the employees jointly took over ownership of the hotel from the Holiday Inn corporation and became an independent hotel. The current owner of the resort property is Seralago Investments LLC.


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