The Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel, formerly known as the Adam's Mark Hotel, is a high-rise hotel in the U.S. city of Mobile, Alabama. Completed in 1983, the building rises 374 feet (114 m) and 28 stories. The Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel is the third-tallest building and largest hotel in Mobile and the tallest hotel in the state of Alabama.

Upon its completion, the 277-foot (84 m) and 277-unit Adam's Mark Hotel became the second-tallest hotel in Mobile, after the 325-foot (99 m) Mobile Marriott, and the third-tallest building in the city. The building later fell to fourth-tallest upon the 1994 completion of the 325-foot (99 m) City-County Administration Building. The building underwent a $5 million renovation (USD) in 2002, and in 2008 a large spire was constructed over the existing structure. The spire was designed to complement the spire of the RSA Battle House Tower; in shape and design, the two structures are nearly identical. With the addition of the spire, the Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel reached a new height of 374 feet (114 m), allowing it to surpass the Mobile Marriott and City-County Administration Building to become the third-tallest building in the city and the tallest hotel in the state.


Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel - File:Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel.JPG - Wikimedia Commons
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